Club History

Australian Rules Football within Ipswich has an extremely strong heritage and long-standing history. It has been played here over the last hundred years in various grades and by various teams with mixed levels of success.

The Ipswich Eagles Australian Football Club (AFC) has been providing an invaluable service to the local community for over 45 years now and has undergone some major changes in venue movement, naming of club, jersey design and playing culture. 

The Ipswich Eagles AFC was established in 2001 when the former Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Eagles relocated from the RAAF Base Amberley to Limestone Park in the centre of Ipswich. 

The club was formed in 1966 as the RAAF Eagles, a RAAF team playing in the local BAFL competition. 

The RAAF Eagles home was on RAAF Base Amberley next to the front gate where you can still see the old goal posts. 

During the RAAF years the club won the following Premierships: 1976 Division 2, 1980 Division 3, 1999 Division 2 Reserves.

In 2000 after struggling to find players all season following the contracting out of all of the F111 maintenance activities, the club members voted to rename the club the Ipswich Eagles AFC and relocate it to Limestone Park in the centre of Ipswich for the start of the 2001 season.

Now no longer a club focused on defence personnel, Ipswich locals flocked to the club happy to have a place to play senior football. The Ipswich Eagles AFC is now a civilian club but still understands and caters for the special needs of players who are also defence personnel.

Since the move in 2001 the senior teams have featured in the finals almost every year as well as playing off in 5 grand finals. Six of the club's players have also been named Best and Fairest in their division as voted by the umpires. These players are:
  • 2003 Gregory Jenkins - Division 2, Reserves
  • 2004 Luke Konstanciak - Division 2, Seniors
  • 2005 Luke Konstanciak - Division 1, Seniors
  • 2005 Mark Kennedy - Division 1, Reserves
  • 2007 Luke Konstanciak - Division 2, Seniors
  • 2015 Keith Brick - QAFA (A), Seniors.
  • 2017 Justyn Bilston - Division 3, Reserves
  • 2019 Samara Mahoney - Division 2 North, Senior Women

In 2003 a new dimension was added to the club with the inclusion of a women’s team into the AFLQWL competition. Then in 2004 the club formed its first U18’s side which played as the Ipswich Miners to better represent the junior clubs in the area from which the side draws its players.

The Ipswich Eagles AFC is the premier senior Australian Football Club in the Ipswich and West Moreton region offering senior men, women and juniors the chance to play one of Australia’s fastest growing sports. The 2020 season will see the Ipswich Eagles fielding teams in the Senior men and women, mens reserves, and Juniors with the hope to also expand to U18’s again in the near future.
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